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 HD - EVOCATI - Totally AWESOME Black Ops Montage! KOSDFF - NEW VIDEO!!!

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PostSubject: HD - EVOCATI - Totally AWESOME Black Ops Montage! KOSDFF - NEW VIDEO!!!   Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:42 am

HD - EVOCATI - Call of Duty: Black Ops Sniping Gameplay Tomahawk iMOB Clan Montage

Hey guys! This is the new iMOB Clan MONTAGE! The footage is from my fellow clan members and I, captured over the last week or so. This is my THIRD montage using what I call the "big boy" editing programs. However, I did stray from my usual method of editing the montage. I edited the entire video in one project file in Adobe After Effects. What a beast of a program. Render times got long but still wow. In addition I strayed from so called "popular" music for this one. My last three videos have had some big names in the youtube community and I believed it took away from the video. MOGWAI continues to be one of my favorite bands, and their music makes for great montages. Definitely check them out. In addition I took advantage of some free AE templates available by my fellow youtubers. Some amazing work out there and messing with the project files really helps the user figure out some really cool techniques in AE! Well, I hope you guys enjoy this one! Its got some beasty kills! Please comment! Feedback is much appreciated!!! Thanks guys.

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HD - EVOCATI - Totally AWESOME Black Ops Montage! KOSDFF - NEW VIDEO!!!
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