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 w|m Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: w|m Rules and Regulations   w|m Rules and Regulations EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 8:27 pm

w|m Rules and Regulations BannerByTranquillia

1. You can only have ONE account, if you make another account, that account will get deleted, and if you keep doing it you will be banned. Using a proxy is not allowed either. If you used a proxy to make a new account we will know and ban you.

2. Do not RIP other peoples work, If found out that you did so, you will be WARNED, if you do it again you will be BAN FOR A WEEK, if you do it still another time you will be PERMABANED. We do not tolerate rippers of any kind.

3. Do not post our resources on other sites unless you have permission from the person who submitted the thread. You cannot post stuff that you didnt do without asking permission to post it here, acts against this rule will get you a infraction.

4. No Topic Bumping. If you dont get replies to your threads dont bump them. Bumping is also when you reply to old threads. If you bump a thread the moderator in charge of that thread will ask you to stop, if you keep bumping you will get infraction.

5. You are NOT allowed to spam.

Spamming includes:
-Posting non sensical messages.
-Abusing Caps Lock
-Abusing the use of smileys
-Posting the same thing over and over

6. Do not flame other members on the site, 1 warning will be given if you get caught once, the second time will result in an infraction, and the third time will end in a 3 day ban. We do not tolerate flaming and trolling. Trolling is saying something that most likely will end on offending someone else or starting a fight. ON this site we prefer having every conversation friendly and fun.

7. No discrimination and racism, We have members from all over the world, with different cultures, religions and ideals. If you act racist or discriminate people you will be perma-banned.

8. No Illegal content. Warez is strictly forbidden because of our host politics. If you post illegal content such as serial codes, cracks for programs, illegal games, etc you will receive an infraction. If you keep doing it you will be banned.Illegal stuff can get the site shut down.

9. You are NOT allowed to Abuse Advertisments here, Advertising includes: Persuading someone to the extreme to go to another site (If the site has the same thematic as this one), Repeating the same site link over and over and linking to another site to register and download something. If you Advertise Negatively here you will get an infraction, if you keep doing it you will be banned.

10. No adult content, Do not post adult explicit material that includes nudity or gore. We have users from different ages, we prefer having a PG (Public in General) topic discussion.

The staff can choose/change a punishment based on the situation and the seriousness of the rule broken.

If you see one of the rules broken on a thread/post please report it so the staff can use the pertinent actions.

Follow the rules to a friendly and fun forum experience.

w|m Rules and Regulations Chaoticwicked
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w|m Rules and Regulations
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