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 Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com

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Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com Empty
PostSubject: Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com   Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com EmptyMon Apr 04, 2011 9:33 am

Sparkles Prod Editing Competition


Team Channel:


Minimum Length : 1 minute
Maximum Length : None

Intro Download


Mirror: http://www.zshare.net/download/88318923dd67b1e1/


Theme : Freestyle!

This means you can edit however you like!
Just be sure to master the style you choose.


Games: All fps games are allowed!

This means you can edit PC, or console, and any game.
For example, All call of duties, css, halo, anything.

Footage Used

Movies can be entered, in many cases it's quality of edit over quantity.

We provide css demos (old and new), cod4 demos, and even console cod footage!
You do NOT have to use any of the footage or demos we provide, but if you
have nothing to edit, and still want to enter, visit this topic to download
any of the packs:


You'll also find all the information you need, and any questions you ask answered, over at our forum:



1st Prize: 140$ (may be added onto at a later date)

2nd Prize: 50$ & A Black Ops Steam Account

3rd Prize: 20$ & An Orange Box Steam Account

Other information

If you are entering you MUST use the competition intro in your entry.
By using the competition intro, and therefore entering the competition,
you grant sparkles prod permission to upload your entry to our team channel,
located at: youtube.com/SparklesProd

The DEADLINE will be 20th of May, and the results will be released on the 30th
of may (my birthday).

If you are thinking of entering, please visit this topic and just post " allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"I'm entering"
or something similar:


This is so we can get a rough estimate of how many entries we'll be recieving,
but is not a requirement.


When your masterpiece is finished, please make a topic in the "Competition Entries"
section, which can be found here:


With either a youtube link, a hq download link, or preferably both.

If you fail to meet any of these requirements (i.e. under 1 minute or
no competition intro) your entry will be disqualified.

Hopfully this will put some of the fun back into the editing scene.

Have fun editing!

Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com Chaoticwicked
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Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com   Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com EmptyTue Apr 05, 2011 8:47 am

do you have to have a steam account to play Black Ops online on the PC?
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Sparkles Editing Comp ($200+ In Prizes) //SparklesProd.com
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